Finest Range of Habanero, Green, Red and Jalapeno Hot Sauce NYC

The origins of ‘The Black Irish’ are rich in history and folklore. There were Viking invaders and Norse settlers in the 9th Century, and survivors of the Spanish Armada washed ashore from shipwrecks off the West coast in 1588. Then there were the Irish slaves sent to the Caribbean to join African slaves in the 17th century, where Irish surnames and accents can still be found.All of these stories have one thing in common, the unexpected joining of fine peoples and cultures shaping Irish identity.

Black Irish Bottling Company shares this commonality, joining the finest cultures and unexpected ingredients to make a range of sauces, balanced and bold, making them the greatest Irish hot sauces known to man.

Our Products

Black Irish red sauce

Black Irish red sauce is our flagship hot sauce, blending smooth and dry cayenne pepper heat complemented with fresh strawberries and spice. It is finished with a firm but not overpowering Irish whiskey accent. Full bodied and complex this sauce is great on bar favorites like chicken wings and sliders As well as marinades and even a Bloody Murphy cocktail if you desire

Black Irish Jalapeño Sauce

Black Irish Jalapeño Sauce pairs the unmistakable flavor of green jalapeño with the zesty combination of green apple and grape. The sauce is finished with the smooth tequila note. This source is ideal for any Latin American cuisine including Ceviche‘s, Tacos, Salsas and the tart fruity jalapeño heat makes it perfect for a jalapeño margarita

Black Irish Habanero Sauce

When it comes to heat, Black Irish Habanero Sauce leads the pack. The intense, fiery habanero heat is soothed  with the tropical sweetness of mango and pineapple. It is finished with a spiced rum flavor making it the perfect sauce for ‘Island Time’. Black Irish habanero Sauce is ideal for grilled chicken and fish dishes as well as a marinade. It also makes an unexpected but welcome addition to a dark and stormy or a painkiller cocktail.