The Company

Another chapter in the story of the Black Irish is the origins of the sauces themselves.

Chef Davitt Conroy is native of Cork City Ireland and a veteran of 20 years working in professional kitchens. The past 5 years have been spent as a Private Yacht Chef. It was on the high seas Davitt devised Black Irish bottling Co. and its sauces. From the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, the Atlantic to the Black Sea, Davitt’s experience, both geographic and gastronomic, has helped forge the rich and complex flavors of his sauces.

The journey continues…

The Origins

The origins of ‘The Black Irish’ are rich in history and folklore.  From the Viking invaders and Norse settlers in the 9th Century, and survivors of the Spanish Armada washed ashore from shipwrecks off the West coast in 1588. There were the Irish slaves sent to the Caribbean to join African slaves in the 17th century, where Irish surnames and accents can still be found.All of these stories have one thing in common, the unexpected joining of fine peoples and cultures shaping Irish identity.

Black Irish Bottling Company shares this commonality, joining the finest cultures and unexpected ingredients to make a range of sauces, balanced and bold, making them the greatest Irish hot sauces known to man.