Huevos rancheros and avocado toast

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  • November 28, 2017

Were back with another episode of black Irish kitchen brunch edition.

And today were gonna be focusing on black Irish bottling company’s jalapeno hot sauce with tequila flavors and make 1 skillet huevos rancheros and a jalapeno avocado toast with a poached egg
Now their recipes are super easy to prepare and take no time at all so let’s begin with the ingredients

So for the huevos rancheros you will need

2 eggs
2 corn tortillas
½ avocado diced
½ cup of refried beans
½ cup of chopped tomatoes
¼ cup of queso fresco
¼ cup of onion chopped
Black irish jalapeno sauce
1 bunch of cilantro

and for the avocado toast you will need
some bread of your choice for the toast, I’m using a French stick
½ avocado
1 jalapeno sliced
1 egg for poaching

and some lime and cilantro for garnish

So let’s begin with the hues rancheros. And this is very easy,

We will begin by toasting the tortillas in the skillet. Once toasted we will add the refried beans, onions, tomatoes, and add your black Irish jalapeno sauce. We then crack 2 eggs into the skillet and this can go into the oven for 10 mins at 375f

So while the skillet is in the oven let’s get the avocado toast on the go

To start let’s get a pot of boiling water on the boil for the poached egg

While thats heating let’s take the half avocado and mush it up with the back of a fork and add some salt and pepper and a dash of blackish hot sauce we can get our toast on and now that the water is boiling we can poach our egg.
To assemble the avocado toast, give a nice spoon of avocado on your toast, next the egg and finally the jalapeno slices and cilantro finishing with a squeeze of lime

And to finish the huevos rancheros lets sprinkle on our diced avocado our queso fresco and cilantro

And there you have it, Huevos ranchero and avocado toast with jalapeno

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