Mahi Mahi benedict with tostados

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  • November 28, 2017

Mahi Mahi benedict with tostados and a habanero hollandaise

Hello and welcome to another installment of black Irish kitchen brunch edition.
In the past few episodes we’ve been showing you some quick and easy recipes for making a host of brunch classics with a twist and today is no different.
We will be making a Mahi Mahi benedict with tostones and a habanero hollandaise

So for the ingredients were gonna need
1 x 6oz piece of MahiMahi
1 green plantain
3 eggs
1 stick of butter
½ tsp of mustard
Some black Irish bottling company’s habanero hot sauce with spiced rum flavors

To start we can get a skillet on the heat to shallow fry our tostones
Cut the plantain into 2’ pieces and add to the pan cooking for about 1 minute on either side

Now we remove from the heat and flatten each piece of plantain using the side of a knife.

And once there nice and flat we fry once more getting them nice and brown.

Now that they’re ready we can drain on a piece of kitchen paper and continue to a pan on for the fish and a pan of water on the for the poached eggs and a small pan to melt the butter for the hollandaise sauce

While the water boils we can fry our fish. Now I have picked a nice and thin piece of Mahi so that should take no time at all.

Once the fish is cooked to your liking set aside and we can make the hollandaise and we will make this the easy way with an emersion blender

We add 1 egg yolk the mustard and a dash of hot Sause to a container and blitz with a tea spoon of hot water from the egg pot.
Once this reaches a foam we can then gradually add the hot butter from the pan blitzing all the way till it comes together nicely

And to finish we poach our eggs and assemble starting with the tostones, then the Mahi Mahi, the poached eggs and finally the habanero hot sauce

And there you have it, Mahi Mahi benedict with tostones and a habanero hollandaise

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