One Pot Jamaican Jerk Chicken

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  • November 28, 2017

Hello and welcome back to Black Irish kitchen. In this series we’ve been showing you some different recipes using black Irish bottling company’s hot sauces, from the red sauce with Irish whiskey flavors to the jalapeno sauce with tequila and the habanero hot sauce with spiced rum flavors

And today we will be using the habanero sauce to make a one pot Jamaican jerk chicken with rice and peas

Now the habanero sauce is right at home in this dish with its fiery habaneros and tropical fruit notes as well as of course, the spiced rum flavor that’s the Caribbean in its essence

Ok so for the dish you will need

4 x chicken thighs bone in
1 half red onion chopped
1 half red pepper chopped
1 cup of Pidgeon peas
1 cup of rice
1 ½ cup of chicken stock
! shot of black Irish habanero hot sauce
and 1 tbsp. of Jamaican jerk paste

1.Now to start we will add the hot sauce and jerk paste to the chicken thighs giving them a nice coating.

2.Once coated we will brown the thighs in the pan getting the skin nice and crispy.

3.Now the chicken has been browned add the onion and the pepper sautéing lightly

4.And to finish add the rice, peas and stock and bring to the boil cover and place in the oven at 375f for 40 mins

And now the 40mins are up Remove from the oven and there you have it, One pot Jamaican Jerk Chicken with rice and peas complements of black Irish kitchen

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